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銃刀法刀剣類非該当承認済の製品です。釣りやキャンプなどのアウトドア用途、調理または観賞用として使用可能です。 ?正当な理由なくこの商品を携帯する行為は法令により禁止されております。 ?18歳未満の方はこの商品を購入しないようお願いします。

  • 銃刀法刀剣類非該当承認済の製品です。釣りやキャンプなどのアウトドア用途、調理または観賞用として使用可能です。 ?正当な理由なくこの商品を携帯する行為は法令により禁止されております。 ?18歳未満の方はこの商品を購入しないようお願いします。

Laguiole en Aubrac Pocket knife, Cactus Wood handle Variant Ambre, 12C27 Sandvik-Stainless steel, L0212CA1I Handcrafted Laguiole en Aubrac pocket knife with a forged spring and a handle length of 12cm.The handle is made of premium cactus wood, while the usual hollow spaces are filled with a special amber-colored resin. 2 polished steel brackets support the handle, bestow the well-known Laguiole design and improve the overall look.The blade is constructed of high-quality swedish 12C27 stainless Sandvik steel. Comes in an elegant black wooden box. "It was born in 1829 in Laguiole, in a small mountain village in Aveyron (southwest France), the humble farmer knife. The famous bee, the symbol of quality and prestige that adorns the spring of the blade makes it the most famous knife in France." The Laguiole is an invaluable companion for both work and leisure in your life. The knife fits comfortably in your hand and will bring with time, many beautiful memories. The Laguiole brand bears 160 years of unmatched history. Ideal for cutting the enriched products of the Aubrac region, to cut a stick to make a path through the brush, to collect Mushrooms or just for carving in the shade of an oak. So many precious moments in life that you will enjoy with your Laguiole knife." Quality criteria of the local hand craftmanship:-Individual hardening -Customizing from experienced Cutlers -Construction of each model is done in one process and from the same Cutler -Manual decoration of the blade and spring. !!!Natural product, appearances may vary!!! Weight: 86g Length: 12cm Width: 1,5cm Height: 3cm Blade length: 9cm

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